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Filip, a wearable watch-phone for kids, launches for $199 with $10 …
Nov 19, 2013 Back in July, I looked at Filip, a wearable phone for kids that doubles a location
That's OK because Filip isn't a data-centric smart watch.

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Google SmartWatch - Rumors - Features - Wearable TechnologyGoogle SmartWatch – Rumors – Features – Wearable Technology
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Google buys smart watch maker WIMM to boost wearable device initiative – update – Confirmed
In addition devices already on the market, such as Sony's SmartWatch 2 and an offering from Pebble, Google would face competition from its top Android manufacturing partner, Samsung. WIMM was reportedly working on several different wearables and not just watches. We never heard a word about smart watches.

wearable-technology-2012Wearable technology 2012
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On future wearable devices like Google's rumored smartwatch, content isn't king
GigaOM, on Mon, 04 Nov 2013 11:04:31 -0800
Some of the first third-party apps for wearable smartwatches contained popular mobile content and global app brands but miss the point entirely. At WIMM Labs, our team developed the first independently connected wearable device, capable of distilling 

On future wearable devices like Google's rumored smartwatch …
The success of wearable gadgets depends on the diligence of manufacturers and developers to focus on glanceable interactions.

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